Who we are:

The Critical Racial & Anti-Colonial Studies (CRACS) Research Network assembles UBC scholars whose work overlap with themes covered by anti-racist and anti-colonial political movements, with a focusadvancing a notion of social justice that foregrounds social transformation, not merely social inclusion. We hope to achieve this work through the promotion of scholarship and conversations, in the form of talks, lectures, workshops, and sponsorship of student-led initiatives.

We are informed by these ideas:

Global and local events of the past two years or so have reminded us that colonial and racial subjugation remain crucial to the functioning of global capital and the state form.  Across the globe, we saw a proliferation of colonial practices such as legal acts that expropriate Indigenous lands and deployments of state (police) violence onto particular racialized communities.  Like the Occupy Movement (globally) and the Arab Spring (rebellions in North Africa and the Middle East)there has been an eruption of a number of anti-racist and anti-colonial responses (such as Idle No More, Indigenous Brazilians against the Belo Monte Dam, Black Lives Matter, to name a few), which joined a host of already existing movements and organizations (ZapatistasIncite!, Landless Movement in Brazil, the prison abolitionist movement in the United States, etc.). The descriptive phrase anti-racist and anti-colonial political movement here captures how these activist programs and discourses delineate political projects that target the transformation of existing governmental institutions, practices, and policies and attend to the various modes of subjugation, such as colonial, racial, gender-sexual, as well as their different moments of operation.